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ATEX equipment

Compact HVAC

Air handling units for instrumentation cabinets and small rooms in hazardous areas.
The CLW serie is simple and functional but at same time strong and with long life.

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  • Standard: -20ºC…+50ºC.
  • Low temperatures version: -40ºC…+50ºC.
  • High temperatures version: -20ºC…+60ºC.


Air handling and air renovation for classified areas. The CLB series has dual fan to ensure the renewal and pressurization of the room. They are made with materials and high quality components to provide a good product, reliable and durable.
Safety is our goal and is present throughout the process.

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  • Standard: -20ºC…+60ºC.
  • Low temperatures version: -40ºC…+50ºC.
  • High temperatures version: -20ºC…+60ºC.


Liquid chillers to locate in hazardous areas.
Provide stable liquid temperature for control processes in refineries and chemical plants. Are autonomous units, easy to install and have a long service life.

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  • Standard: -20ºC…+60ºC.
  • Low temperatures version: -40ºC…+50ºC.
  • High temperatures version: -20ºC…+60ºC.

Manufacturing adapted to every need

Download our general catalog to find what you need

General Catalogue

Spare parts

We have spare parts for the equipment, like compressors, heat exchangers, air fans, filter elements, water pumps, controls…

Repair service

Urgent repairs, maintenance, change to environmentally friendly refrigerant, compliance with regulations, documentation and validation, etc …



Product catalogs, detailed product information and certificates.

Some reasons to choose Climasa Refrigeración

  • Free quotation

  • Engineering for each project

  • We respect the environment

  • Certified safety

  • Equipment durability

  • Simple and funcional

  • Low noise level

  • Adaptability

  • Quality materials

  • Stainless steel

  • Heat insulation

  • Top brands components

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