Now that we know the basics of a refrigeration circuit we would implement it. We are in a petrochemical company, and we need to maintain a constant temperature in a room analyzers (analyzer shelter) because otherwise, as noted our friend José in the comments, poor temperature control could make the analysis equipment give a false reading. It is also very important that in this room there is always overpressure, ie, there should always be more pressure than outside, that way we ensure that they do not contaminated gases and dust into the room, which could damage equipment, . A differential pressure indicator will be in charge of us know it so:

In booths analyzers you need a renewal of air to keep within allowable limits the concentration of pollutants likely to have the air of the room. For that an additional conduit is enabled on the aspiration of our machines. This line always has a manual valve, and optionally can be adapted automatic in any case it will open or close depending on the air pressure in the room. In the next picture we can see the canal with an automatic valve (left) and a manual valve clockwise.


The following image shows the schematic way the circuit air with air conditioning cooling Atex Climasa.


Interiror parts:

– Differential pressure gauge.

– Thermostat.

– Grid extraction.

Exterior parts:

– Refrigeration HVAC Climasa CLB with input from outside air.

– Duct contribution of outside air duct damped rigid canvas for the connection between the house of analyzers and equipment Refrigeration Climasa.

– Manual and / or automatic control valve outside air contribution.