Equipment intended to operate under explosive atmospheres must be made according to ATEX 95 directive 94/9 / EC, to protect people from the risks of explosion. The directive covers equipment for marine plants, petrochemical and other potentially hazardous areas. The components installed in the machinery are manufactured and certified according to the directive. The certification of the units ensures that the equipment or protective system fulfills its purpose and contains the information necessary to ensure that you can use to safely.

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ATEX equipment

CLW Series

The best option for smaller rooms and instrumentation cabinets.
Compact HVAC

CLB Series

Equipment suitable for analyzers shelters.

EXF Series

Air renovation and pressurization.

CREA Series

Liquid chillers with ATEX certification.

Our ATEX equipment…

      • Stainless steel manufactures.
      • Adapted to specific requirements.
      • They have extendable one-year warranty.
      • With components from the best manufacturers.
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