HVAC air handling units provide air renovation, air pressurization and air control temperature. They are strong and suitable for explosion proof areas and industrial environments.

  • Long lifetime.
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Withstand power supply fluctuations.
  • Double fan.
  • Adaptation to particular requirements.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Suitable for zone 1 and 2.
  • Certified safety.

CLB Series


  • 3~ (380-420 50Hz / 440-480 60Hz) without neutral.
  • Other voltages available on request.
  • Standard: -20ºC…+50ºC.
  • Low temperatures version: -40ºC…+50ºC.
  • High temperatures version: -20ºC…+60ºC.
  • Available powers from 3,8 KW to 73,6 KW.
  • Vertical structure connected by flexible air ducts.
  • Weather resistant stainless steel.
  • Double fan to ensure the air pressurization.
  • Fan running manual selection.
  • Automatic rotation.
  • Automatic start for the standby fan.
  • “Both fans running” signal.
  • Air pressure detector.
  • ATEX certified filters, easy extraction and cleaning.
  • High performance semi-hermetic compressor.
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges.
  • Adjustable control thermostat with digital display.
  • Control panel with monitoring and controls.
  • Input and output control signals.
  • Air renovations/pressurization and thermal loads calculations.
  • Dimensional drawings.
  • Electrical schematics.
  • User manual, installation, security and maintenance.

  • AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • Structure completely painted.
  • Horizontal structure version.
  • External air conditioning with remote control panel.
  • Units on two parts, split type.
  • Custom equipment installation as required.

Air circuit:

  • Elastic direct drive transmission.
  • High pressure fan with direct drive.
  • Other constructive versions available on request.
  • Chemical filter and prefilter included.
  • Air dampers with Ex electric actuator.
  • Air dampers with Ex pneumatic actuator.
  • Air fire dampers.
  • Air flow thermal detector.
  • “Low air flow rate (%)” output signal.

Cooling system:

  • Cylinder head partialization.
  • Air exchangers with anticorrosive treatment: Lacquered, Blygold, Heresite.
  • Copper exchangers.
  • Stainless steel exchangers.
  • Liquid receiver.
  • Liqud separator with heat exchange.
  • Oil separator with return to the compressor.
  • Water condensation system with constant pressure valve.
  • Heat recovery.


  • Steam exchanger, control valve and electro-pneumatic actuator.
  • Electrical resistors.


  • Custom control panel.
  • Customized input and output signals.

Double fan

Two fans guarantee continuous air renovation/pressurization, it is possible to do maintaining one of them while the other is in service.

Reduced noise

The new HVAC units have very balanced components, vibration absorbers and noise reducers. All of this joint with his strong structure do that the noise level is reduced.

Easy maintenance

The CLB series is fully accessible thanks to his structure with covers, his design is thinking to facilitate the maintenance and repair.
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