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2508, 2015


Previously we have seen machines manufactured in stainless AISI-304 and AISI-316 . In This time we present the ATEX HVAC painted manufacturing.

Painted ATEX HVAC machines are made ​​of galvanized steel structure as both their caps.

This finish consists of a layer of epoxy paint 50 micron thick layer of enamel and a 60 micron thick […]

1103, 2015

ATEX hvac

Today we present the ATEX air conditioning equipment CLW, are designed to heat small rooms that are in a hazardous environment, the most common installation location is in chemical and petrochemical companies.

Its small size and cost makes it one of the products most out of our catalog, and easy installation makes it a perfect candidate […]

2702, 2015

Air circuit

Now that we know the basics of a refrigeration circuit we would implement it. We are in a petrochemical company, and we need to maintain a constant temperature in a room analyzers (analyzer shelter) because otherwise, as noted our friend José in the comments, poor temperature control could make the analysis equipment give a false […]

1902, 2015

Basic refrigeration | Part 5

Hello everyone! As we reach the end of this series, if you want to start at the beginning comes here at the end of each entry is a link to the following order to the whole series in order. Today we present the pressure probes are modern substitutes for switches high, low and condensation which […]

302, 2015

Basic refrigeration | Part 4

Hello everyone! We continue with the series Basic Refrigeration, in today’s post we will add two more elements to the basic circuit. We started with the display, which is used to check if the circuit has moisture inside by an indicator of colors, also to visualize changes refrigerant (gas / liquid).

His position in the circuit […]

2901, 2015

Antivibration Silentblocks

In Climasa Refrigeration use an anti-vibration system on our machines (also known as silent block). The mounting consist of a rubber part, and another part of galvanized metal metric diameter threaded element 16. This ensures that no vibrations to other parts of the installations are transmitted, and that the components of the machine does not receive […]

701, 2015

Cover system

In Climasa Refrigeration we had many cover systems, always looking to improve both its appearance and its function is very important to ensure sealing machine to keep performance, and in turn give the lid a consistent and durable look. Currently used for the inside covers a nonflammable thermal insulation covers are made of 20 mm […]

1712, 2014

Basic refrigeration | Part 3

Hello everyone again! Let’s take a few small steps more in our refrigeration circuit. This time we will start incorporating a filter drier. The filter dryer is used to absorb (to some extent) moisture that may have within the circuit as well as particles and acid that may be generated inside. The position of this […]

2711, 2014

Flow control elements

27To ensure safety in rooms with overpressure is essential to ensure the provision of clean air through ventilation. But what if the fan fails? It is precisely for these situations another booster fan is installed, at the time that the main fan fails, an alarm signal informs the user that, in turn activates the secondary […]

311, 2014

Basic refrigeration | Part 2

In this new part of our tutorial we will add new elements to the basic circuit. (If you do not know we talked stop by here). We want to emphasize that this is a very basic tutorial, if you want further information do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s start by presenting the oil separator. […]