Hello everyone again! Let’s take a few small steps more in our refrigeration circuit. This time we will start incorporating a filter drier. The filter dryer is used to absorb (to some extent) moisture that may have within the circuit as well as particles and acid that may be generated inside. The position of this element just after the liquid container.
filtro-secadorThen we will incorporate the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is also called solenoid voltage depending if you come or not is open or closed. Simply allows or not the passage of fluid through the point of the circuit in which it is located. When the circuit is operating remains open, but when we want to stop the solenoid valve closed system, then collecting the gas compressor continues to operate until the pressure is low, then the compressor is stopped.
solenoid-valveThe position of the solenoid valve is after the filter drier.
circuitoAs you can see we have a fairly complete circuit, soon continue this series of basic refrigeration circuit adapted to a viewer and a liquid separator. See you soon!