27To ensure safety in rooms with overpressure is essential to ensure the provision of clean air through ventilation. But what if the fan fails? It is precisely for these situations another booster fan is installed, at the time that the main fan fails, an alarm signal informs the user that, in turn activates the secondary fan is activated. Responsible for identifying the failure and report it are the air differential pressure. In this way we ensure that ventilation in the room never lack. In Climasa use the differential pressure cooling air ExCos-P-500 Schischeck company. Installation is simple, compact and safe and the value is outstanding. We can implement your project or simply provide it separately.
presostatoIn addition to the switches we have the flow switch is responsible for detecting and reporting that no flow in the outside air duct. In Climasa Refrigeration use switches FLT-93F FCI flow of the company, are reliable in harsh environments, either by pressure or temperature, they are also very easy to configure and offer total reliability. We offer the ability to implement it to your project, or simply provide it separately.
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