Climasa Refrigeracion have experience and can provide the right solution for every need.

Our industrials equipments are designed for industrial environments, are reliable and durable, and his design reduce the maintenance costs and increase the efficiency. Also we have the people team to implement the installation.

We manufacture liquid chillers, cold rooms, clean rooms and air conditioners, coolers etc … present in graphic arts companies, air-conditioning, laboratories, food industry etc …

Our industrial chillers

CREA mini

Mini chillers

Small coolers autonomous , air-cooled, hermetic compressor, axial fan, plate heat exchanger tank and stainless steel.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, cooling capacities from 0,5kW to 3,0kW.

CREA mini

Compact chillers

Liquid chillers autonomous air condensed hermetic compressors, fans coaxial exchanger stainless steel tank and water pump drive.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, cooling capacities from 0,5kW to 4,0kW.

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CREA mini

Complet chillers

Cooled air condensed liquids autonomous, semi-hermetic compressors, axial fans, copper tube exchanger, storage tank and water pump drive.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, cooling capacities from 9kW to 270kW.

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Industrial equipment


Refrigerating equipment

Cold storage and freezing food and products that require a temperature and humidity controlled. In Climasa Refrigeracion do a calculation of thermal needs of refrigerating and freezing and develop the project depending on the needs of each installation.
CREA mini


Conditioners design of clean rooms, warehouses … Our air conditioning units are manufactured to meet the needs of each application. Structures of aluminum or stainless steel. Custom equipment for installation requirements.
Salas limpias


Cleanrooms require temperature, humidity and pressure controlled. For that reason currently the standard for this type of meeting is very strict in Climasa Refrigeration we study the needs of each client, taking into account the specific needs of each project, install and maintain according to the specific regulations GMP, ISO, FDA, EC.


They are the best alternative to cooling towers. Thanks to new technology nebulizer is possible to cool the fluid below the outside air temperature.

Powers available from 10kW to 1025 kW.

Equipos secadores

Dryers equipment

Climasa dryers Refrigeration equipment force a current of dry air to remove water from a product or material.
There is also storage and drying equipment for feeding product.


The method of freeze-drying preserves the quality and durability of the products.
Our freeze dryers are compact and safe for the operator.
The clean area allows quick handling and technical area has been designed to give easy access to maintenance and repair.

Our industrial equipment…

      • Can be manufactured in stainless steel
      • They fit in dimensions to project
      • Have extendable one-year warranty
      • Feature elements from the best manufacturers
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