In this post we will try to explain as simply and quickly as possible the basic theory of refrigeration way, we will be helping Imaging everything more visual and understandable. For starters, we have two very clear concepts. – If we apply enough energy to water, it evaporates. – If, however, the energy is extracted from water, it freezes. Look at the picture below, on the left we have the condensing zone (outer member), while on the right we find the evaporator (inside element, which gives us that chilly so nice in summer).
condensa_evapor-300x133So in the condensation zone is where the energy expelled to the outside, while in the evaporation zone we do is absorb energy in the interior of the area. (All this using equipment such as air conditioning). For that to happen, we need various elements described below:

1. Connecting the process: copper pipe brazing (not tin).
cobre2. Condensing Battery: It acts as an element of exchange with the outside environment. Battery evaporator: It acts as an element of exchange with the indoor environment. 3. Refrigerant Gas: Different types depending on the application. R-407-C, R-410 … (R-22 obsolete). 4. Compressor: It is essential for operation. Element to move gas along the installation compressing.
compr-300x2325. Expansion valve: Decreases expanding the gas pressure. Regulates the evaporator outlet of the machine.

6. Condensation fan and evaporator fan:
condensacion evaporadorCondenser: Forced air to the condensing heat exchanger to dissipate the energy outward.

Evaporator: Forced air towards the exchanger evaporation to extract energy from the interior. Here is a picture of the basic circuit:
circuito  Let the process from the compressor

1. The compressor compresses the gas pushing up the pressure and temperature of the installation.

2. The condenser fan extracts energy from the pipe to the outside by fan and condensing coil.

3. The expansion valve expands the gas, causing it to lower pressure and temperature.

4. The gas passes through the evaporator coil and evaporator fan through the energy of the inner area is extracted.

5. The gas reaches the compressor again thus starting the cycle again.

We hope we have explained the functioning clearly, any questions you have not hesitate to ask in the comments. In the next post we will add more elements to the basic circuit, oil separators, filter driers, solenoid valves, pressure switches for high and low …