Hello everyone! We continue with the series Basic Refrigeration, in today’s post we will add two more elements to the basic circuit. We started with the display, which is used to check if the circuit has moisture inside by an indicator of colors, also to visualize changes refrigerant (gas / liquid).

His position in the circuit is behind the solenoid valve.

visor_en_circuitoThe next element is the liquid separator is used to prevent the coolant reaches in liquid state to the compressor, a situation that can be dangerous for operation.
separador de líquidoIn the next picture we see inside, you can see a small siphon pipe, copper tube that is coming from the liquid line (between the viewer and the expansion valve). The heat of that area of the circuit is used to evaporate any liquid inside the liquid separator and thus make the vacuum the compressor only a gas refrigerant.
separador de líquido interior

separador de líquido circuito

And here the input today, the fifth and last entry in the series Basic Refrigeration know analog pressure control probes (modern substitutes for switches high, low and condensation). Until then, greetings!